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So what IS Barrecode?

Proudly introducing Barrecode, an unconventional fitness concept devised in Hobart and unique to the current Barre Fitness industry.

Barrecode has been created with a focus on building lean muscle, increasing flexibility, and boosting body confidence: efficiently, effectively... no matter what your fitness level is like today. Unlike other barre workouts, we've designed various class formats which individually - and collectively - follow the five key training essentials fitness experts recommend:

  • cardiovascular fitness;
  • flexibility and mobility;
  • strength and resistance training;
  • postural and core strengthening; and
  • breath awareness and balance focus.

Barrecode will whittle down your body in record time.

Sculpt your best body ever at Barrecode.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your entire body shape transforms. Each class is fun and dynamic, and designed to inspire and empower you to challenge yourself to reach your full potential.

Barrecode was founded by Christie Strike, over four years ago, with foundational aspects of the format incorporating her own training in Pilates and Jazz Ballet. Other concepts which have helped to transform her own body, including interval training, isometrics, self fascial release and yoga, have been melded into the concept that is Barrecode, taking 'barre fitness' to the next level.


How does it work?

Specific and targeted exercises are designed to overload and fatigue whole muscle groups, encouraging muscle tone, strength and endurance. The addition of passive and dynamic stretches in between sets assist with muscle lengthening and postural flexibility.

With the use of the Ballet Barre for support, our workouts incorporate:

  • Core building Pilates fundamentals;
  • Heart pumping interval training methodologies;
  • Isometric muscle conditioning techniques; and
  • Functional stretches to lengthen and alleviate tightness.

You’ll notice dramatically improved posture, core strength, muscle  tone and flexibility in just a few sessions.

We invite you to try Barrecode. You'll move beyond your comfort zone, and you'll be taking that first step towards the best body you've ever had. 

Live the Code at Barrecode.