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Belle C, Hobart
"I am normally the laziest person on earth, so when I started Barre Class with a friend of mine I wasn't sure how long I would last.  Almost a year later I am doing 2 classes a week and absolutely loving it.  It has been the only form of exercise in my slovenly life that I have been dedicated to and I move heaven and earth to make sure I am able to go.  It has totally changed my body shape, and I am stronger than I have ever been.  Christe is a great instructor and always keeps her classes fresh by mixing up the moves.  She also has an angelic smile while she is telling you to 'feel the burn'  hehehe..."  

Shannon I, Margate

After 25 years of high impact sports I was forced to (un)gracefully “retire” and seek an alternative exercise regime that my injury-ravaged body could cope with.  I started Pilates, which I was settling into nicely, until my curiosity was piqued by the buzz surrounding Christie’s new “Barre” studio, so I attended my first Barre class…. which started with a couple of roll downs and a balance exercise, and I thought, “this is nice, just like Pilates, I can do this”, and then the class REALLY started…. “WHAT WAS I THINKING??!  THIS IS TORTURE!!!  OMG, I’M SO UNFIT, WHY ARE MY LEGS SHAKING UNCONTROLLABLY??!”…. but for reasons I can’t explain I was lured back for the second class…. and the third…. and the fourth…. and then before I knew it I was doing a few classes a week and found myself scheduling the rest of my life around my Barre classes!!!  I’ve pulsed, squeezed, flexed, rolled, pressed, shook and stretched my way though almost a year of Christie’s Barre classes, and although my body moans and groans its way through each and every class, each set unleashes an inner determination and a desire to triumph, and I feel refreshed and invigorated as I leave the studio afterwards (that is, after I’ve descended the stairs with a vice-grip on the railing to support myself as my legs are still shaking uncontrollably J).  Thank you Christie, YOU are the Barre Star."  

Karen D, Battery Point

'Barre is such an incredible all-body's fast and it's tough but it's totally addictive and loads of fun! I'm a runner and feel more toned and stronger in the legs and have increased endurance since starting barre a year ago. My upper body strength which often gets neglected with running has improved ten-fold....those little pink dumbbells look innocent enough but don't underestimate their capacity to bring you to your knees! I love the intense focus on each muscle group before stretching away the burn and moving on to the next torture... I mean exercise! Barre is awesome and keeps you coming back for more!'

Jane P, Hobart

"Fitness and I have never been when you're 40 and you suddenly decide to give exercise a go, chances are it may not work out so well. That was soooo not the case with Barrecode!!! It's sensational! :-) The classes are fun and fresh and it's a great environment to be in - friendly and easy-going. Even though my fitness level is low, Christie helps inspire me to keep trying to get me to a new level. You can really feel the work-out....during and after the class!! So fitness or no fitness - Barrecode is a great class to get along to! Beat, beat, squeeze!!"

Silvana L, Lenah Valley

"Walking was my only form of exercise for a very long time and after a back injury I tried Pilates for a while with no real enjoyment.  Working with Christie I saw her enthusiasm at this new form of exercise "Barre" she had decided to start up.  With her encouragement she motivated me to attend and I have never looked back.   I have "beat, beat, squeezed" my body twice a week to the point where I think it can take no more.  Christie has provided me with the ability to enjoy exercise again."


Karen H, Hobart
"Within just a few months of Barrecode with Christie I am mentally and physically fitter, stronger, healthier.  I look forward to my Monday session it sets me up for the week." 

Kim P, Hobart
"Of all of the workouts that I have tried, Barrecode offers the most intense and thorough conditioning and strengthening session by far.  I never tire of the classes as the routines vary from session to session and I love the fact that Christie makes sure that all of the “wobbly bits” get some attention!  She really concentrates the mind on the end product that Barrecode can deliver – a huge improvement in muscle tone and posture as well as bum that looks great in your skinny jeans!"


Jared B, Hobart
"Totally cured my hangover..."