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Barre Star Etiquette

  • Please bring a small towel and water to your class. We get sweaty!
  • Sticky/grippy socks are recommended. We have Barrecode specific socks at the studios, $15 each!!
  • Your Barreista will ask before each class if there are any pre-exisiting injuries that might affect your workout. If you dont want the class to hear, make sure you tell them before class starts. Otherwise, speak up! We want to ensure you get the best workout but be safe as well.
  • Please be respectful to other Barre Stars:
    • no chitty chat during class. If you're telling your bestie about the Zu Shoes you bought that day, it's a major distraction factor for the peeps around you (and it means you're not concentrating on what you should be doing!);
    • don't be late. If you are even 5 minutes late, you've missed the all important warm up and breathing setup, no good! As well, it totally breaks the energy and flow and is just soooo disrespectful to others in class. Don't get crabby if the Barreista says you are too late;  
    • don't swan around and do your own thing, yet again, major distraction factor for everyone else, Barre Stars and Barreistas!! If you want to pull out a few of your own moves, erm.. do them at home!; and
    • above all SMILE and BE NICE to your fellow Barre Stars!! We're all there for a reason: to pulse, burn, shake, squeeze... and that minor deet - to transform our bodies and lives!


Booking Policy

The more serious stuff. We're getting pretty freaking busy! And you know what, we love you guys for that! We'd do anything for you! But, well... with so many wanting to get their barre on, we've had to introduce the following to ensure fairness and equality to all Barre Stars.

  • If you're more than 10 minutes late, the session may be refused but the full fee charged.
  • Bookings are essential. We have limited vacancies in our classes, and a limited waitlist for each class too. Book online using our booking and payment system MindBody to ensure your space is reserved. We don't accept bookings without payment.
  • We are generous with our expiry dates. However, they are there for a reason. Get your butt to class!!
  • Classes will be cancelled if there are two or less bookings six hours before the class is due to commence (make sure your mobile number is listed in your MindBody account so we can contact you if you don't check your emails regularly).
  • If you come to a class, are not on the booking list and the class fills, you will be required to give up your space. This applies for the 'Two Strikes' cancellation policy (below) on unlimited passes also.


Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is based on the understanding that when you book a class, there is a space at the barre reserved expressly for you. If you cannot get to class you must CANCEL YOURSELF OUT AT LEAST SIX HOURS BEFORE so the next Barre Star can have your spot. Please also take your name off the waitlist for a class if you are not planning to be available for that class, particularly the morning classes as we are unable to allocate two different cancellation times.

The below policies ensure fairness for all Barre Stars.

  • SIX HOUR CANCELLATION CUTOFF: If you need to cancel or re-schedule your booking, we have a very fair and reasonable timeframe of SIX HOURS. It's an easy process - log in to MindBody, click the red cross, done!!
    • Class Passes - If you don't cancel your booking at least six hours before class starts, you lose that payment/class. If we are able to fill the space with someone on the waitlist, please note you are NOT automatically granted a refund.

    So as to avoid the above, and out of respect for the Barreistas (who are expecting you in class) and other Barre Stars (who are possibly on the waitlist), please simply cancel your class six hours before class start time! Thanks!! :D