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Barrecode - our fairly awesome proprietary sculpting class.


Our first ever class format is a revolutionary one-hour regime of intense, non-impact isometrics, pilates, strength and flexibility training incorporating the ballet barre.  This is the class everyone is talking about: set to fab music in a fun, supportive and high-energy environment, you'll laugh, grimace, sweat and tone all at the same time, we guarantee it.

By pairing deep-muscle conditioning with interval bursts and deep stretches, our class delivers results each and every time. The class focuses on targeting all those jiggly spots: buns, hips, arms and thighs, and strengthens, lengthens and tones them through isometric contractions and pulses. The most grueling part of this class are the famous thigh sets that involve never-ending repetitions of pulses and squeezes at the barre, with the core muscles concurrently engaged.

Pilates fundamentals and correct form is highly emphasised, and exercises can be modified for individuals with minor pre-existing injuries.

An amazing class, perfect for anyone seeking a fast-paced workout that delivers smashing results.